Automatic Distance Control

One Stop Calibration ensures pinpoint accuracy to vehicles with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) technology throughout Florida.

If you are servicing a vehicle with ADAS features such as automatic distance control turn to us to provide the right calibration solutions. We work on vehicles of all makes and models with a distance control assist system. Opti-aim is our state-of-the-art calibration solution that can calibrate any vehicle quickly and effectively. Distance control is one of the most important of these features.

With a distance control assist system, it is easier for drivers to be aware of maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of them.

Often it can become tiresome to drive for long periods of time. Distracted and tired driving can result in your vehicle drifting too close to the one ahead of you.
This is where automatic distance control systems can prove helpful. Keeping this feature of your vehicle optimized can guarantee your road safety. We have partnered with Pilkington NSG to provide Opti-Aim to our customers needing optimal calibration for vehicles with ADAS features. Our technicians have the skill, knowledge, and expertise to provide the best calibration services so you and your family can stay safe and protected while on the road.

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