Adaptive Front-Lighting System

The adaptive car lighting system is an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) Feature that shifts the lighting of the vehicle based on external conditions.

If the environment is foggy, a vehicle equipped with this ADAS feature will automatically adjust the lighting to accommodate the new conditions. Adaptive headlights are very common in most modern vehicles regardless of the make or model. If the performance of this system has become compromised, One Stop Calibration can help to restore it to optimal performance levels.

Count on One Stop Calibration to provide state-of-the-art calibration services for adaptive lighting systems.

We can calibrate any adaptive front lighting system so that it is performing at its best.
Our technicians have the skill, experience, and knowledge to provide the quality installation and repair services each vehicle needs. Ensure your customer’s on the road safety with properly calibrated lights that perform as well as they were intended to.

One Stop Calibration can help you with all of your vehicle’s adaptive light control needs. Opti-Aim is a cutting-edge calibration tool that allows our technicians to ensure the road safety of our customers. All vehicles with ADAS systems can receive the optimized calibration they need quickly and efficiently.

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