About Us

Opti-Aim from Pilkington NSG enables effective and accurate calibration of a wide range of camera based driver assist systems.

Soon, advanced driver-assisted system (ADAS) features will be standard in many vehicles, and camera calibration is mandatory when purchasing or repairing your vehicle. These systems have to be precisely calibrated. Improper calibration or wheel alignment may cause the system to deliver incorrect results or even fail completely, which could result in a serious accident.

We service a variety of ADAS camera features, including:

We dedicate our unique knowledge and experience to give you the protection and performance you deserve.

Our process is simple.

If our team has replaced your windshield or camera-based system, we will:


Run a diagnostic check to ensure all systems are running perfectly before and after installation.


Reset the calibration to get you back on the road safely.


Print a report for your records showing recalibration to be kept for insurance purposes.